Inpatient Solutions-IPS™

Privacy Policy


We take information protection and your privacy very seriously. Our systems are designed to protect patient privacy and medical information from the ground up. We track changes and updates to HIPAA guidelines to ensure that our offerings are HIPAA compliant.

Any information you provide to us will only be used to provide services you have signed up for. We will not resell your or the patients' information to a third party. All our third party service providers work under bespoke business associate contracts which explicitly specify the information they will have access to and cover all aspects of how the information is handled.

Our products are based on a flexible client server architecture which stores all data on the servers. You can host the servers in your own office giving you complete control over the data. We also offer hosting plans where the data is stored in our servers. Your rights to privacy and ownership of data do not change even if we host the servers.