Inpatient Solutions-IPS™


Inpatient Solutions (IPS™) provides software and services to care providers practicing medicine in an inpatient setting. We are founded by a group of physicians to solve problems they face every day. Our goal is to provide end to end practice management solutions which enable you to go home earlier, happier and wealthier. Our products significantly improve the efficiency of provider's practice by enhancing productivity, increase billing recovery, and significantly reduced communication overhead.

Our products use advances in web technologies to provide a solution which addresses all aspects of a provider's practice. We use web-based interfaces which allow you to access secure servers from any location with internet access. The provider is not limited to working with the hospital's systems which are not designed to address the independent consultant's needs. You are also not required to be physically present inside your office to access your system.

Early Adopters

We are currently looking for a select group of physicians to act as Beta Testers for IPS-Web™. Please contact us via email ( with the following information: